A Contradiction by David Sapp

A Contradiction

A disquieting contradiction
through my closed window,
a silent violence,
a battering in the backyard,
the wind thrashes pine limbs,
certainly, in a day or two
all bruised black and blue.
The weaker (or uncompromising)
will splinter, the prudent
predictably bend. I know their kind,
the inexorably obsequious.
I am vexed by the savagery,
last summer’s nests and hives
loosened and strewn. However,
I hear, I’ve learned, each spring
this is all a necessity.
I suppose I must reluctantly
acquiesce to “as it should be.”
In my muted room,
sequestered from the storm,
it is a valse brillante, a Chopin
waltz behind the pane (oddly,
not a brawny, pounding symphony).
I hear what I witness,
limbs flung about, precisely
the same, whirling tempo,
the piano a metered chaos,
but a tempered, gentle variation.

David Sapp

Editor’s Note: Spring is the messiest season, and this poem’s brilliant imagery (and speaker’s resignation) perfectly captures the quiet violence.

3 thoughts on “A Contradiction by David Sapp

  1. I liked this poem vey much and have read it several times. It’s very tightly written. The poet described the interior and exterior settings well.

  2. Fine poem with rich imagery and a thoughtful meditation on the season.
    So nice of the editor to include a Chopin link.

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