Advice from a Bat by Michael T. Young

Advice from a Bat

Hunt only at night. Fly erratically.
Defy even your own expectations.
Feed on beetles, moths, and mosquitoes,
whatever is small and annoying.
Cultivate the myths about you
until every predator fears your legend.
When hunting, be guided by a language
only you can hear. The same is true
when courting the one you love.
Clean fangs and fur nightly. Crawl
or climb to confuse the observant.
Retreat to a cave no one believes in.
Let the day and the world pass
while you sleep, and sleep upside down,
ready to wake and fall into flight.

by Michael T. Young

Twitter: @miketoddyoung
Instagram: @miketyoung

Editor’s Note: This delightful poem teaches the reader the wisdom a bat already knows.


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  1. Cathryn Essinger Avatar

    I love this poem! It’s simplicity is perfect for the topic.

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