Cure for Ennui by Judith Waller Carroll

Cure for Ennui

Concentrate on the birds,
their ardent singing
and the two fat drops of rain
still clinging to the iron grate
outside your window.

Take a sip of ginger tea
and admire the pluck of the tiny wren
singing the day alive
when it could stay huddled in its nest.

There is remedy even in the rain.
Look how green it has made the leaves
See how the sidewalk shines.

by Judith Waller Carroll

Editor’s Note: Since we live in such interesting times, it is often useful to read a poem that reminds us of how to focus on the precious beauty that exists between disasters.

One thought on “Cure for Ennui by Judith Waller Carroll

  1. Strong, moving, vivid poem! It’s difficult to write a “political” poem that doesn’t seem like it is preaching to the choir or saying something that could be said as well, or better, in an editorial. John Bradley overcomes this difficulty!


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