Lies We Honor by Tara Iacobucci

Lies We Honor

Midnight, I awake to darkness, a silent
house without electrical hum grants

sound to dark thoughts: What if
school shootings? What if cancer?

What if their tiny hearts cease flickering?
I consider the moon outside, dark bruises

on white slate, my only navigation
and how my daughter once asked mom,

why does that light follow us everywhere?
My husband and I stumble, searching

for a match. I shiver and almost confess
to my unspeakable fears but remember

when my children are scared I repeat:
You are safe. You are safe. You are safe.

I do not know if I can surrender
to the optimism of the moon,

its unswerving light, or forget
how all affirmations are just lies

we honor. Yet, here is my husband
kindling the logs in our fireplace, here

is a reminder of what follows us,
a red glow tempering the dark.

by Tara Iacobucci

Editor’s Note: Only poems like this can encompass terror and love and hope all at once.


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  2. seeker2022 Avatar

    This is quite beautiful.

  3. richardsund Avatar

    Lies We Honor captures the fears of living and ways we can tamp the fears down.

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