Nuzzle Into the World by Martin Willitts Jr.

Nuzzle Into the World

Love has a secret. It cannot be mistaken
for anything else: nuzzling, feeding a horse
some carrots, fresh from the fields.

Grooming, stroking with a brush,
cooling off the horse, talking to it
in a slow, easing-down way.

Love cannot be rushed. It must build over time:
Buttercups littering the uncut fields,
a softness that cannot be fenced in.

Love stares back, eye to eye, never turning away.
There are questions endless as grass.
I wonder if the horse sees the world the same way—

if his world gentles—or if it strains,
tugging a plow—or gallops?
I wonder if the quiet moments enter him, too—

a quiet you can slowly peel
like an apple in one red spiral. A muzzle-in quiet
we all might enter.

I feed you this story like a carrot, feel your
shoulder against me. I brush your hair,
the world slowing to a gentle trot.

Lean into that quiet—soft endless grass,
hum of silence—lean into that.
Feel how quiet the quiet can be.

by Martin Willitts Jr.

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Editor’s Note: The imagery of this poem is quiet and contemplative and necessary.


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