Take Flight by Carole Greenfield

Take Flight

Late summer sun sifts through a screen of trees
Still dripping from my swim, I see her taking flight
Completely naked, tiny feet tucked up to knees
Her fingers with her father’s locked in tight.

If we could just return to that one place
where we were all their world, our parents’ goal
to keep us safe from harm, and one day face
our restless lives with hearts intact and whole

The scene plays out before my tear-wet eyes
A joyful spirit swung into the air, delighted cries
And as her father steps away from shore
she weeps, “Again. Again. I want some more.”

He gently calms her tears. “No need to cry.
Just tell me. Say the words, ‘I want to fly.’”

by Carole Greenfield

Editor’s Note: This delightful sonnet delivers joy with each rhymed line. Sometimes we need this reminder.


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