Things Fall by Ed Hack

Things Fall

Things fall. You forgot what they do. The knife
off of the paper plate. The tool from your
cramped hand. And once, foot of the stairs, your wife.
Years later now, you still look at the floor
and wonder what or who is next. You used
to say that’s one thing floors are for. A joke,
an irony, you thought, then got the news
about how life just flies away, and hope,
like crumbs, like fat, like bones is what remains,
the ash of things, the penny that you find.
What’s left of rain is stuck in screens, and pain’s
your new best friend. The second hand’s design
is fall from 12 to 6 then climb from 5
to 12. Things fall, and you are still alive.

by Ed Hack

Editor’s Note: This heart-wrenching sonnet begins with deceptive imagery before turning to absolute grief at the end.


4 responses to “Things Fall by Ed Hack”

  1. Devon Avatar

    Lovely, poignant sonnet, Ed.

    1. Ed Hack Avatar
      Ed Hack

      Appreciated, Devon

  2. Cathryn Essinger Avatar

    True! Do you send Autumn Sky things occasionally? I think I would have titled this “Fall Risk.” My dad used to say, especially while watching the kids in their high chairs spilling food, “Nothing can fall any farther than the floor.”

    Sent from my iPad


    1. Ed Hack Avatar
      Ed Hack

      I like what your father said, Cathryn. Sly wisdom.

      I send poems here frequently.


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