The Sonnet by Ed Hack

The Sonnet

Can the little baize box of the sonnet bear such cargo?
—William Wilborn

The sonnet can bear anything. It bears
the anguish of the heart, the need of soul
to understand the why of why Love tears
shy hope to shreds that wanted to feel whole.
It bears the weather from the dawn to dark,
the ocean’s vast indifference, the grave-
yard of its crushing depths, the silver sparks
of sun on leaves, the miracle of days.
It bears our history of savagery,
the art we’ve left that shows our spirits’ needs,
our efforts, through myopia, to see
the deeper, simpler truths beyond our greed.
It is the scrap you find that wind has brought,
a map of lands you’d no idea you sought.

by Ed Hack

Editor’s Note: This sonnet perfectly encapsulates the purpose of a poem.


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  1. Sue Fulton Avatar

    Beautiful. Thank you Ed for this poem. And Christine for the time and effort you expend to bring Autumn Sky Poetry to our daily in-boxes.

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