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Saturday book feature – Orbital Paths — Richard Meyer

Saturday book feature – Orbital Paths — Richard Meyer


The universe is vast and bare—
a vacuum—mostly empty space
with matter scattered here and there
around a stranded human race.

Kept quarantined by time and place,
we languish in the light-year sea
and scan horizons for a trace
of life, or mind, or deity.

Stars slowly transit overhead,
distant cousins of the sun.
I roll onto my side in bed,
a bed too cold and wide for one.

by Richard Meyer, from Orbital Paths, Science Thrillers Media

buy link: http://www.sciencethrillersmedia.com/publish/orbital-paths-by-richard-meyer/


2 responses to “Saturday book feature – Orbital Paths — Richard Meyer”

  1. Janice D. Soderling Avatar

    Delighted to see this. SO WELL DESERVED.

  2. Suzy Lawrence Avatar
    Suzy Lawrence

    I love this poem. It says so much in a spare way.

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