A Dog is Doable by Cameron McCaskill

A Dog is Doable

A dog is one of the puzzle pieces that complete me.
And by the way, he won’t have a flea.

I will feed him in the morning, and I’ll walk him at a park.
Also, I will train him how not to bark.

He will chase predators up hills and hills.
And I promise to always pay his vet bills.

Finally, I’ll teach him tricks, like sit.
Now would you at least consider it?

by Cameron McCaskill, age 9, (Note from mom Kimberly McCaskill: My son Cameron asking for a dog as a pet.)

Editor’s Note: Any child who asks for a dog using rhyme and alliteration deserves a moment of consideration on the night before the night before Christmas.


5 responses to “A Dog is Doable by Cameron McCaskill”

  1. Margot Brown Avatar
    Margot Brown

    What a great opening line: “A dog is one of the puzzle pieces that complete me.” The concept of another being completing the young poet like a puzzle piece finishes a puzzle, well, that’s just fabulous coming from a 9 year-old. I’m really impressed. And yes, I agree, to write a poem to make the request, at that age, is unusual and disarming.

  2. addacat Avatar

    This is wonderful.

  3. Michelle Meyer Avatar

    Oh boy. I’d cave to any kid who uses poetry to ask for a pet!

  4. Suzanne Austin-Hill Avatar
    Suzanne Austin-Hill

    Cameron is a poet and hope he knows it!

    Be on to lookout for other opportunities, particularly for youth, to submit, e.g., local, State, and National Poetry Associations.

    APRIL is National Poetry Month!

    1. Bob Bradshaw Avatar
      Bob Bradshaw

      Terrific poem, Cameron! Thanks vote for you getting a dog!

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