CLOSED to Submissions

Autumn Sky Poetry DAILY is on a brief hiatus and is CLOSED to submissions until February 1, 2023 (site upgrade).

Your daily poetry fix will continue this last week of December and on weekends during the month of January.

This site maintenance is needed in order to automate backups, upgrade to a new WordPress theme, and increase storage. This will mean that the yearly cost of maintaining this daily poetry journal will increase from $70 (site plus domain) to around $320. This is possible thanks to the generous purchases of my photography calendars.

This journal is free to submit and free to subscribe, and will remain so for the foreseeable future. I fund it via sales of my photography, art, and writing.

My sincere thanks for following and subscribing.

Christine, editor Autumn Sky Poetry DAILY


4 responses to “CLOSED to Submissions”

  1. Suzanne Austin-Hill Avatar
    Suzanne Austin-Hill

    Thank YOU, Christine!

    ‘Til February,

    1. Kathleen Chaffin Avatar

      Thank you for your labor of love. As a one-time editor/principal of an ezine, I know how difficult it is to keep things afloat. Kudos, and my gratitude for using your own resources to continue making poetry available to all

  2. teacheronleave Avatar

    Echoing the comments made here — this site is a daily gift for which I am grateful. Thank you, Christine!

  3. crsunde Avatar

    Thank you for your time and effort in sharing this site with all the fine poems and your comments ! ! !
    HAPPY NEW YEAR to you.

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