Horoscope by Ciaran Parkes


I photograph your horoscope
from The Irish Independent
with my mobile phone
to send it to you miles away
along the coast in Enniscrone.

Now the stars
might as well be closer
than you are. On a good night
I can see them easily.
But I’m grateful for the magic
that brings me your voice

every day. I remember,
before sending, you don’t
look at the horoscopes
we used to read together
these Covid days, can’t even

bring yourself to look
at the crowded stars, the moon
in its solitary splendour.

by Ciaran Parkes

Editor’s Note: This poem’s stanza breaks (in between sentences) are carefully chosen to mirror the difficult distance between the speaker and their loved one, reinforcing the final image of a solitary moon in a crowded space.


2 responses to “Horoscope by Ciaran Parkes”

  1. Keith Snow Avatar
    Keith Snow

    Ciaran, I love your poem. Having read it three times already. The enjambment is amazing which gives layers, of meaning to your images. If I may ask did it take a long time to write?

  2. cmclain13 Avatar

    I liked this poem a lot, Ciaran, particularly the last image. Well done!

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