Sighting of the Morning by Jane Blanchard

Sighting of the Morning
—on the sixth day of Christmas

Look at that! Not a catbird but a hawk
Atop the steeple of the Baptist church.
Across the street we cannot help but gawk
At such a splendid creature on its perch—
Head turning north to south, then north again—
Eyes taking in the scene including us—
Breast, white though speckled, full, impressive in
Our view. To spot its tail would be a plus
But is impossible. This early on
A Sunday, only people passing by
Can see what stands where some cross could have gone.
Arriving later, worshippers will spy
Each other as they enter, maybe smile,
But miss the hawk which visited awhile.

by Jane Blanchard, first published in The Orchards Poetry Journal

Editor’s Note: Every birding enthusiast will find this ekphrastic sonnet charming (hint: this editor loves birds).


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  1. cmclain13 Avatar

    This poem really touches me. I often feel sad that so many people pass by what is truly beautiful while staring into a tiny screen instead.

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