Hiatus extended – CLOSED to Submissions

CLOSED to submissions until February 8, 2023 (site upgrade).

Dear readers, unfortunately the site upgrade is taking longer than expected due to technical difficulties, so I will need an extra week to get things running properly again. Thus, I am extending this hiatus until February 8, 2023. Thank you so much for your patience.

What is the issue? –> Instead of choosing an available new theme and customizing it, we (my software engineer husband and I) are building a new theme from scratch because none of the existing themes have the required features—namely the ability to display classic formatting blocks and new formatting blocks seamlessly with old embedded html code. Yes, I know this is a bit technical, but the problem lies in the rich history of poems that are stored and still available on this site. The new upgrade must be able to display these poems in the old format as well as new content published in the new format (block editor).

There will also be a new section highlighting the Saturday Book Feature, a section for the daily poem, and a section with clickable links to the most recently published poems.

I am happy to report that the new backup system is working great, which is a relief.

The yearly cost of running Autumn Sky Poetry DAILY is about $320. This journal is free to submit and free to subscribe, and will remain so for the foreseeable future. I fund it via sales of my photography, art, and writing.

My sincere thanks for following and subscribing.

Christine, editor Autumn Sky Poetry DAILY


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  1. Suzanne Avatar

    Your project’s completion is well worth waiting for.

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