Site Upgrade Complete!

Dear readers, I am happy to report that the website upgrade for Autumn Sky Poetry DAILY is complete!

This effort would not have been possible without the assistance of my excellent husband, Terry Lim. As a software engineer, he usually works on projects much larger and more advanced than this small poetry site. I am quite thankful that he has continually supported my efforts in the poetic community over many years.

Please feel free to look around the site, and let me know of any problems you might encounter (send any issues to and ignore the automatic submission response).

Even better news–> Submissions are now open!

Poetically yours,


8 responses to “Site Upgrade Complete!”

  1. sdfulton Avatar

    Delighted you’re back!

  2. tovli102 Avatar

    Very nice!

  3. Chris Potter Avatar

    Looks fabulous!

  4. Michelle W Meyer Avatar

    Congrats! Upgrading is monumental.

  5. Carol Amato Avatar
    Carol Amato

    Good work, Christine! Glad the new site is back

  6. Sydney Lea Avatar

    Great work on both of your parts. I’ll welcome at least SOMETHNING in my In Box each a/m.



  7. teacheronleave Avatar

    Hurray! AutumnSky is back!
    Thank you both so much.

  8. Suzanne S. Austin-Hill Avatar

    Welcome back! New and improved, thanks to you both.

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