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Saturday book feature — On Earth . . . — Susan Delaney Spear


In our garage, your hockey skates still dangle.
Green and yellow parakeets still call
From your painting on my office wall,
Bright birds slowly dimming on a tangle
Of brown, twigless branches. A singing bowl,
A book of Dylan’s lyrics, a leather journal
Whose stiffening leaves I turn to read each kernel
Of tunes (the jigsaw pieces of your soul),
The Warwick bass you paid for by yourself,
Three joints you rolled that I will never smoke,
A New Year’s gift you gave me as a joke,
And you—now dust and ash—rest on my shelf.
Watercolors fade. Ashes scatter,
But love remains—firm, unchanging matter.

by Susan Delaney Spear, from On Earth . . . (Resource Publications, 2022)

Cover art by Kelly Kruse

buy link: https://wipfandstock.com/9781666740738/on-earth/


2 responses to “Saturday book feature — On Earth . . . — Susan Delaney Spear”

  1. richardsund Avatar

    A very very touching poem, and one that should be in all of the Anthologies in the future.

  2. seeker2022 Avatar

    A beautiful, poignant poem. Largely iambic pentameter with a few variations, very well done rhyme and meter.

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