Saturday book feature — Infinity Standing Up — Drew Pisarra

Sonnet 11PM

Pajamas are a form of formal wear, the tux
of the bedroom, the suit of the boudoir. I own
two pair: one, a blue Mao suit; the other, a luxe
cliché. You know, you’ve stripped me of both. Had I known
pajamas were lingerie, I’d have insisted
you wear mine sooner. You see, I couldn’t care less
that on you, the pants ride high and my waistband gives
so the snaps unsnap… My dear, I fetishize this.
If clothes make the man, then jammies make the lover.
Dressed or undressed. Tops and bottoms. You’re well-paired
with me. I’ll take you wherever and whenever,
whatever you wear. In the end, you’ll end up bare.
Neither of us will honor this costume of sleep.
I see it on your face: first the goat, then the sheep.

by Drew Pisarra from Infinity Standing Up (Capturing Fire Press, 2019), first published in THAT Literary Review.

Cover art by Molly Gross

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  1. Michelle W Meyer Avatar

    “Jammies make the lover” !!! So great.

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