Spring by John Fritzell


The wind today
makes a quick-change
in the theater
of my winter-worn yard,

you can hear her rushing
uncovering the smell
of nightcrawlers,

high-throated cries
of blackbirds,
and the whine of far-off

hell-bent on speeding
things along,
and now she quickly

the last act’s collection,
an empty can of Red Bull,
a white plastic bag,
a lost hydrangea’s head,

and that cold piece of Tyvek,
fallen from her shoulders,
now loosely swaddling
the trunks of the lilacs.

by John Fritzell

Editor’s Note: This poem’s brilliant use of personification upends the usual ode to spring with a pragmatic twist of imagery.


4 responses to “Spring by John Fritzell”

  1. Sydney Lea Avatar

    Great work, John! You are your dad’sson!

    Best, Syd

  2. Joan Kantor Avatar

    So wonderfully visual! Well done!!

  3. Joan Kantor Avatar

    I meant to add that I especially appreciated the inclusion of unromantic elements like 18 wheelers and a broken piece of Tyvek. This was so real and different from those typically cloying Spring poems.

  4. d.a.simpsonwriter Avatar

    Wonderful write

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