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Wednesday Morning by Nancy Hatch Woodward

Wednesday Morning

I count twelve police cars
flying past me on the highway
four sheriff vans
three ambulances
three firetrucks
another dozen or so unmarked vehicles
swarming now from every direction
sirens. . . . blue spinning. . . . high alert. . . . red flashing
traffic caught in their spider’s web
and I know
I know as now every American knows
no longer if
but when
and when is now
when is now in my city
my city in a war zone
war everywhere
I remember when my daughter was in lockdown
for fear of a shooter at her hospital
there are no thoughts or prayers that undo those moments
our enemies are not unfamiliar
they sit in legislatures
counting contributions
praying never to be us

by Nancy Hatch Woodward

Editor’s Note: This poem’s lack of punctuation and varying line lengths heightens the rushing emotion felt as the reader moves through the gut-wrenching imagery of an ordinary world gone mad.


3 responses to “Wednesday Morning by Nancy Hatch Woodward”

  1. julenetwe Avatar

    And they have the funds to lock themselves away. Love your poem.

  2. Nancy Hatch Woodward Avatar
    Nancy Hatch Woodward

    Thank you.

  3. Kimberly Tilly Avatar
    Kimberly Tilly

    Nancy, thanks for sharing. A vivid account that captures that morning. Thank you for always being vigilant regarding our world and doing your part to make it better and to raise consciousness.

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