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Making Up by Larina Warnock

Making Up

I never told you why the windows shook
when I closed them, or why the dishes danced
when I slammed the cupboard door, or why
stairs stuttered with every step I took to bed.

Tonight I stare at the wall and listen
to the silence between heartbeats

until my quick breaths settle into the rhythm
of your back barely brushing my skin.

There is no moonlit kiss of making up–
just the half-shadow of earth
caressing far-away canyons,
just ancient craters peeking out
behind make-believe drapes.

The mattress shudders as you turn. I turn
to stare at your closed eyes, your arm curved

over your pillow, and my fingers stretch
themselves against your elbow. An old habit, this,

going to bed without saying goodnight,
apologies carried through an accidental touch,
answers shifting through silence and shadow
like dishes dancing behind cupboard doors.

by Larina Warnock

Twitter: @thedocnock

Editor’s Note: This brilliant poem conveys an astonishing depth of emotion while also avoiding any treacly broodiness.


4 responses to “Making Up by Larina Warnock”

  1. Dana Kinsey Avatar

    This astonishing, imaginative poem is so relatable and heart-wrenching. Thank you!

  2. chrispygal Avatar

    Really excellent–vivid, carefully observed.

    1. Barbara Brock Avatar
      Barbara Brock

      A relatable experience exquisitely expressed.

  3. Cristina White Avatar

    Love the rhythm, the quiet, the sounds, the images. Wonderful.

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