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All the best stories are true by Julia Klatt Singer

All the best stories are true

I dreamed my grandmother and my mother
in my grandmother s kitchen, circa 1976,

When all I knew of grief
was the lifeless body of a sparrow, so cool

and light in my hand. I dreamed I saw them
through the kitchen window. Watched them

at the sink, washing and rinsing and laughing
together. I dreamed the window glass

soft with heat and light. I dreamed
the blue black winter sky

I am under now. I dreamed I opened
her heavy front door, heard the give and sigh

of it. I dreamed it let me and the cold
and the darkness in, even with

her keys in the inside lock. I heard them clink
together. All those keys

for doors that no longer

by Julia Klatt Singer

Editor’s Note: This beautiful ode to memory shows the softer side of grief that is still painful, but also necessary.


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  1. Gloria Heffernan Avatar

    So tender and evocative. Just beautiful.

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