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Poetry Editing Services

Poetry Editing Services

Dear poets and readers,

I am happy to let you know that I have openings in my schedule for poetry editing services. As editor of Autumn Sky Poetry DAILY, my first love in writing is poetry, and I truly enjoy working with poets to hone their poetic voice. For me, every poem is a work of art, a doorway that leads into imagery and metaphor, into both dark space and light. Poetry can ultimately open the heart to show us the soul of ourselves.

If you’re interested in working with me as your editor, please direct all inquiries to Christine.Klocek.Lim@gmail.com.

Developmental editing, line edits, and proofreading for single poems, chapbooks, and full length books — I am an experienced poet and editor with years of experience critiquing and editing poetry, both formal and free verse. 

As chief editor and founder of Autumn Sky Poetry DAILY, I have over ten years of experience with editing and interpreting poems. As Site Administrator of Poets.org’s online forum from 2006-2012, I have experience guiding online workshop critique. For more information about my writing credentials and awards, please see my About page.

What do I offer?
… a personalized experience
… close attention to detail
… knowledge of poetic forms, both free verse and formal

I usually do both line edits and developmental editing at the same time. Line edits include a detailed read of each poem with comments on word choice, line breaks, meter, grammar, punctuation, etc. Developmental edits include comments about the collection as a whole and suggestions for improvement. 

If I believe a poem is well-written, I will not write criticism simply for the sake of commenting. My value is the experience I bring to the table.

I am available to edit using most online editing tools (Microsoft Word, Text Edit, Apple Pages, Google Docs, etc.). If you prefer the old-fashioned mode (i.e. paper and pen) we can discuss that in the initial inquiry.

My editing philosophy — I edit to make your poems your best work, not to rewrite them. To that end, I offer suggestions and clear guidance. I believe that editing a work of poetry involves a dialogue rather than criticism.

Client testimonials — “Thank you! Your insights and your beautiful foreword have exceeded my hopes for this collaboration. I agree 100% with your gentle feedback and am enthusiastically making every change you suggested because all your suggestions are spot on!” -Tracy Rittmueller

“I am so excited with the work you have done. It was a masterclass. You did it with such gentleness and kindness that I never felt anything but love in your suggestions for my poetic lines. ” -Bill Quinn

Rates/Pricing — If you’re interested in working with me as your editor, please direct all inquiries to Christine.Klocek.Lim@gmail.com. I’m flexible, but here are some general rates, in USD only:

Single Poems (2 pages/70 line max): $20 each
Chapbooks, 25 – 30 pages: $500
Full length book, 40 – 80 pages: $700

For chapbooks and books, after we come to an agreement via email, I will email an invoice to you for half the fee prior to receiving your book, and editing will not commence until I receive payment. After edits have been completed to your satisfaction (each client can receive up to three rounds of edits, depending on complexity), I will email an invoice to you for the remainder of the fee.

For single poems, I require payment before editing. Each poem can receive up to three rounds of edits, depending on complexity.

Thank you!


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