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Gymnosperm by Elizabeth Kerlikowske


Wind shakes down the trees and our world is gilded
with spruce pollen, bigger than other pollens. It coats
rakes, the grill, lawn chairs. I write SPRUCE POLLEN
on my rear window so other drivers don’t think I’m a slob.
In spider webs, spun gold. Freckles on the baby’s eyelashes.
Pollen-drunk, a bee circles the tree trunk with the broken limb
whose shadow looks like an owl. Five fawns gambol
in yellow clouds like children spelling words with their bodies.

by Elizabeth Kerlikowske

Editor’s Note: Gorgeous imagery transports the reader of this poem into a world where every sneeze is worth it.


One response to “Gymnosperm by Elizabeth Kerlikowske”

  1. Pam VanAllen-Corbin Avatar
    Pam VanAllen-Corbin

    I love the imagery I can see it written in the back of your car having experienced it. Cue the inhaler!🤣😂

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