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After the Diagnosis I Spend My Days by Michelle Meyer

After the Diagnosis I Spend My Days

cutting & pressing the water
out of the tofu, cutting
& washing & chopping
the garden greens, shredding
the carrots, peeling
so slowly
the earliest beets, pulling
mercilessly, the weeds
reading, walking, watching
the sky, sleeping
with my head at the foot of the bed
while the fan blows
away some of the humidity,
but not all of it, blocks
some of the early birdsong,
but not all of it, coffee
in the morning, clouds
in the afternoon, flowers
in the evening.
It’s enough.

by Michelle Meyer

Instagram: @meeshmeyerwrites

Editor’s Note: This excellent poem says exactly enough for the reader to understand the delicate balance between acceptance, grief, understanding, joy, and illness.


3 responses to “After the Diagnosis I Spend My Days by Michelle Meyer”

  1. Ed Hack Avatar
    Ed Hack

    “but not all of it…” the other truth in five words…

  2. Carol Avatar

    It certainly is excellent. Thank you Michelle.

  3. richardsund Avatar

    This poem, besides being quietly gut- wrenching, and beautiful, also manages to convey many deep emotions. The reader doesn’t learn the diagnosis nor the prognosis, but clearly the reader doesn’t need to know either. The Poet does.

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