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A Sticky Knight by Kay Lesley Reeves

A Sticky Knight

He was a dark and stormy knight
Who galloped into battle,
But, twixt him and the enemy,
There lay a herd of cattle.

The bovines lowed and blew their horns,
The traditional call to arms.
The knight charged on, but it was plain
He wasn’t used to farms.

Besmirched with mud,
His visor stuck,
He didn’t see the cowpat there
And landed in the muck.

The battle done, the enemy
Stood transfixed with mirth.
A sticky knight, but gallant still,
Slid on the muddy earth.

He staggered up and drew his sword,
Threw wide the wooden gate
Stampeding through, the cattle came.
The army met their fate.

So our brave hero conquered,
As all brave heroes must.
He’d covered himself in glory
And his armour thick with rust.

by Kay Lesley Reeves

Editor’s Note: This light verse poem utilizes rhyme, a malapropism, and mud to remind the reader that one should always respect that which one doesn’t understand.


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  1. richardsund Avatar

    A very funny and witty poem ! Really clever. Lol !!

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