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Saturday book feature — In The Museum of My Daughter’s Mind — Marjorie Maddox

The Letter E

-after the painting by Anna Lee Hafer

Don’t distract me with questions,
those extraneous detours that topple learning.
E and only E is today’s lesson.

The enemy of schedules is curiosity, omissions
necessary for well-paced delivery. We yearn
for no distractions. Don’t ask me questions,

time-wasting, silly digressions
of how and why. Pay attention. Our concern
is E and only E. Today’s lesson

is letter 5. Your inquisitive obsessions
are enemies of order. Don’t ruin
class by distracting me with questions.

Creativity’s the one transgression
I won’t allow. Sit still. Don’t squirm.
E and only E is today’s lesson.

Up next? The letter F, natural progression
of learning. Quiet! It’s not your turn
to talk. Don’t distract me questions.
E and only E is today’s lesson.

by Marjorie Maddox, first appeared in The Penn Review and in In the Museum of My Daughter’s Mind, from In The Museum of My Daughter’s Mind (Shanti Arts, 2023)

Cover art by Anna Lee Hafer

Buy link: https://www.shantiarts.co/uploads/files/mno/MADDOX_MUSEUM.html


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