The Knocking by Laurie Kuntz

The Knocking

You are inside now,
a blizzard of loneliness
whispers through the keyhole.
Sadness locks in like the sleeping
cat on a windowsill.
You can’t remember where you were
When that door slammed
the heart out of you.
Inside and out,
it is the same cold front,
the door cannot close against—
but there comes a knocking,
there always comes a knocking,
that is why we have doors: inside, out, slam
There comes a knocking—

Open up.

by Laurie Kuntz

Editor’s Note: The skillful metaphors of this poem convey the emotional bleakness that happens during intense trauma with perfect clarity.


8 responses to “The Knocking by Laurie Kuntz”

  1. Joyce Avatar

    Really good, Laura – your poem captures perfectly the feelings that I happen to be going through right now – and the comfort of knowing/being reminded that yes, the door will open again.

    1. Laurie Kuntz Avatar
      Laurie Kuntz

      Oh, I am so glad that this poem strikes a chord with you. Thank you for your comment. Hoping your “doors” open to love and light.

  2. Stan Dan Avatar
    Stan Dan

    Love this and its hopeful message.

  3. Ava May Avatar
    Ava May

    Creatively hopeful.

  4. Robyne Avatar

    Knocking draws attention to be let in or open up
    as Ms Kuntz writes
    Her poem inspires us to be open and gives hope to those that may be dealing with closed
    found myself breathing in lungs expanding as the words turned into the physical
    It was this moment I realized that just some words in a poem as this
    can Open your mind and then your soul
    Thank you again Laurie for knocking
    words into much needed thought

    1. laurie Avatar

      thank you for your keen comments about my work.

  5. lil sis Avatar
    lil sis

    This exquisite poem does bring forth the emotion of hope
    Closed doors where things may be hidden
    when you get them to open there is so many possibilities ….endless
    so much growth with doorways & keys that unlock the soul
    written with love and light

    1. laurie Avatar

      thank you so much for this kind and insightful comment.

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