OPEN to Submissions

Dear poets,

Autumn Sky Poetry DAILY is OPEN to submissions!

I would also like to report that we have already surpassed last year’s stats and we still have one more month to go. Thank you readers and poets for making Autumn Sky Poetry DAILY so popular!

happy writing,
Christine, editor

Poetry Submissions

1. Send ONE poem to with SUBMISSION in the subject heading.

The poem may be in the body of the email or an attachment (PDF, text, Word document, Google Docs, etc. No image files.). No cover letter is necessary.

2. Response time is one week via publication. If your poem doesn’t appear online within one week, it won’t be published.

No formal acceptance or response will be sent. Read Autumn Sky Poetry DAILY for one week from the date of your submission and you will find out if your poem was chosen for publication when it either does or doesn’t appear online.

3. Include links to your website, Facebook, Instagram, etc. No bio is necessary.

4. Reprints and previously published poems are welcome. Please mention that your poem has been previously published and where so that proper credit can be posted with the poem.

5. Poets retain copyright. Poems remain online indefinitely.

6. Simultaneous submissions are accepted.

7. There is no payment for contributors.

8. Please include the name of the form (sestina, sonnet, prose poem, haiku, etc.).

9. I do NOT accept art submissions.

10. Absolutely no artificial intelligence (AI) bot generated, conceived, assisted, composed, or etc. poems will be accepted.

Saturday Book Feature Submissions (for previous contributors only)

1. Send ONE poem from your book or chapbook to with BOOK POEM SUBMISSION in the subject heading. 

The poem may be in the body of the email or an attachment (PDF, text, Word document, etc., but no image files). No cover letter is necessary.

2. Include buy links for your book.

3. Attach an image file of your book’s cover to the email with the name of the cover artist or designer so that proper credit can be given.

4. Response time is one week, on Monday, via email. Submissions will not be held past one week. If your poem/book is not chosen for this feature, please feel free to submit again.

5. This feature is only open to previous contributors. There is no requirement for the book poem submitted to have been published at Autumn Sky Poetry DAILY. The only requirement for this feature is a previous publication of a poem in Autumn Sky Poetry DAILY.

6. Please be aware that because there are a limited number of Saturdays in a year, there will be limited space for this feature.


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