Seaside Pentina for a Chinese Painter by Marly Youmans

Seaside Pentina for a Chinese Painter Originality should not disregard the “li”(the principle or essence) of things.—The Mustard Seed Garden Manual of Painting The fish-scale glitter of the sea, the cloudThat hung its careless grace above the dock,The solo fisherman who hauled a fishTo air: these were the things that pleased her eye,The seaborne images […]

Icarus, Icarus, Paratrooper by Marly Youmans

Icarus, Icarus, Paratrooper Homage to Charles Causley Slung down from heaven, torn silks whipped By precipitous wind, he tripped From air and rammed the blasting sea That seemed a gun, cocked vertically. Seas stalled in the chute, let him down More than he’d ever been let down By men, hurled and harrowed farther. Glitter strafed […]

Best of the Net 2021 Nominations

Autumn Sky Poetry DAILY is delighted to announce the following poems have been nominated for Best of the Net 2021: White Paper on Blue Stationery by Janice D. SoderlingThe Transfer by Greg WatsonEnjoying Nature During a Pandemic While the World Burns by Katie ManningOn The Seven Canonical Hours by Christine PotterWhen My Mother Forgets the […]