Best of the Net Nominations

Best of the Net Nominations 2022

You will fall through the world on fire by James Diaz
This Virus, a Villanelle by Ann E. Wallace
Ukraine by Ed Hack
Truth is a Wall, Protects Nothing by Larina Warnock
All Night I Harvest Your Name by Martin Willitts Jr.
Advice from a Bat by Michael T. Young

Best of the Net Nominations 2021

White Paper on Blue Stationery by Janice D. Soderling
The Transfer by Greg Watson
Enjoying Nature During a Pandemic While the World Burns by Katie Manning
On The Seven Canonical Hours by Christine Potter
When My Mother Forgets the Word for Dahlia by Robin Turner
Seaside Pentina for a Chinese Painter by Marly Youmans

Best of the Net Nominations 2017:

Abiding Winter by Risa Denenberg
Affidavit by Terri Muuss
The Balance Between Us by James Diaz
Bone-Chilled by Martin Willitts Jr.
Poem Only Half About Myself by J. Rod Pannek
Tuesday Morning by George Longenecker

Best of the Net Nominations 2016:

The Year of the Dragon by Siham Karami
On Losing the Old Dog by Rae Spencer
Daffodils (Narcissus Jonquilla) by Kathryn Good-Schiff
Spiderwort by Marybeth Rua-Larsen
Age of Steam by Neil Flatman
No I in Team by Ed Shacklee