Autumn Sky Poetry DAILY is OPEN to submissions

Autumn Sky Poetry DAILY is OPEN to submissions!

Submissions Guidelines:

1. Send ONE poem in the body of an email to with SUBMISSION in subject heading (no cover letter).

2. Response time is one week via publication. If your poem doesn’t appear online within one week, consider it rejected.

No formal acceptance or rejection (email, paper airplane, aural hallucination) will be sent. Read Autumn Sky Poetry DAILY for one week from the date of your submission and you will find out if your poem was chosen for publication when it either does or doesn’t appear online.

3. Include links to your website, Facebook, Twitter, etc. (please, no bio).

4. Reprints and previously published poems are welcome.

5. Poets retain copyright. Poems remain online indefinitely.

6. Simultaneous submissions are accepted.

7. There is no payment for contributors.

8. If submitting a formal poem, please feel free to include the name of the form (sestina, sonnet, prose poem, etc.).

9. I do NOT accept art submissions. Occasionally I will solicit artwork if I’m feeling inspired.

Autumn Sky Poetry DAILY is OPEN to submissions

Autumn Sky Poetry DAILY is OPEN to submissions!

In honor of this April’s National Poetry Writing Month (NaPoWriMo), I offer the following poetry writing resources:

*** Writing Prompts ***

My Poem Sparks Master list: Daily Prompts:

Writer’s Digest Wednesday Poetry Prompts:

Guide to Verse Forms:

Susan Tichy’s Poetry Basics:

*** Books ***

In the Palm of Your Hand by Steve Kowit:

The Poetry Home Repair Manual by Ted Kooser:

*** What is NaPoWriMo? ***

NaPoWriMo is that crazy time of year where poets try to write a poem EACH day during the month of April, National Poetry Month.

It was inspired by NaNoWriMo, and started by poet Maureen Thorson. The official NaPoWriMo website:

Wikipedia entry:

Pushcart 2021 Nominations

Autumn Sky Poetry DAILY is delighted to announce the following poems have been nominated for the Pushcart Prize 2021:

Kabul by Greg Watson

Love Under Threat of Cancer by Larina Warnock

Sheena’s Sestina by Jake Sauls

Drowning Stroke by Ciaran Parkes

Boats Sailing in Uncharted Territory by Martin Willitts Jr.

When My Mother Forgets the Word for Dahlia by Robin Turner