Prize Nominations

Pushcart Prize

Pushcart Prize Nominations 2023
Waiting by John Ziegler
The Sounds I Cannot Hear Clearly Anymore Add Up to the Sum of Silence by Martin Willitts, Jr.
Prayer in a Motel Room by Amy Miller
Geirangerfjord by Jeanne Griggs
Listening to John Coltrane’s ‘A Love Supreme’ while getting an MRI for cancer screening by Alex Stolis
At the Poetry Reading by Jerry Krajnak

Pushcart Prize Nominations 2022
The Art of Freezing by Martin Elster
The Weeds Are Taking Over by Sarah Mackey Kirby
A Cartography of Home by Hayden Saunier
Madagascar by Bob Bradshaw
Lies We Honor by Tara Iacobucci
Swans by Sally Thomas
Candy Cigarettes by Greg Watson (Nominated by Pushcart’s Board of Contributing Editors)

Pushcart Prize Nominations 2021
Kabul by Greg Watson
Love Under Threat of Cancer by Larina Warnock
Sheena’s Sestina by Jake Sauls
Drowning Stroke by Ciaran Parkes
Boats Sailing in Uncharted Territory by Martin Willitts Jr.
When My Mother Forgets the Word for Dahlia by Robin Turner

Pushcart Prize Nominations 2017
Sonnet to negotiate peace with your dementia by Tracy Lee Karner
The Morning of My Madness Waking by Jim Zola
No I in Team by Ed Shacklee
The First Night by Devon Balwit
Moving Day by Alan Walowitz
After the Ghost Investigation by Christine Potter

Pushcart Prize Nominations 2016
In Sicily, On the Road to Gela by Carol A. Amato
American Numerology by Stephen Bunch
June Twenty-First by Bruce Guernsey
Slack Traffic by Martin J. Elster
Visitation by Jo Angela Edwins
Hurricane by Bayleigh Fraser

Pushcart Prize Nominations 2015
O Clouds Unfold by Peg Duthie
House Song # 3 by R. Nemo Hill
Sunshine by Kim Mannix
Bottomless Lake by Elizabeth Kerlikowske
Dream of Car Wreck and Failed Extrication by Jonathan Travelstead
Trigger Warning by Larina Warnock

Best of the Net

Best of the Net Nominations 2023
Flight Path by Laura Rodley
The Sonnet by Ed Hack
Railway Station, Bendery, Moldova by Tovli Simiryan
Baptism by Greg Watson
Making Up by Larina Warnock
All the best stories are true by Julia Klatt Singer

Best of the Net Nominations 2022
You will fall through the world on fire by James Diaz
This Virus, a Villanelle by Ann E. Wallace
Ukraine by Ed Hack
Truth is a Wall, Protects Nothing by Larina Warnock
All Night I Harvest Your Name by Martin Willitts Jr.
Advice from a Bat by Michael T. Young

Best of the Net Nominations 2021
White Paper on Blue Stationery by Janice D. Soderling
The Transfer by Greg Watson
Enjoying Nature During a Pandemic While the World Burns by Katie Manning
On The Seven Canonical Hours by Christine Potter
When My Mother Forgets the Word for Dahlia by Robin Turner
Seaside Pentina for a Chinese Painter by Marly Youmans

Best of the Net Nominations 2017
Abiding Winter by Risa Denenberg
Affidavit by Terri Muuss
The Balance Between Us by James Diaz
Bone-Chilled by Martin Willitts Jr.
Poem Only Half About Myself by J. Rod Pannek
Tuesday Morning by George Longenecker

Best of the Net Nominations 2016
The Year of the Dragon by Siham Karami
On Losing the Old Dog by Rae Spencer
Daffodils (Narcissus Jonquilla) by Kathryn Good-Schiff
Spiderwort by Marybeth Rua-Larsen
Age of Steam by Neil Flatman
No I in Team by Ed Shacklee