Wednesday as a Language Poem by Dan Cuddy

Wednesday as a Language Poem

Wed nest day
What is ta day?
Weed noise day
Ved es day?
Wedlock Ness Day?

weeded wedded wadded what?
well, She say
Vet S Day
ya ever vetted your ess?

The answer: daily

the wind wedded to the wet of rain
and here I stand
at the door
pouring all my regret out
like warm air into the cold
for I wanted today to be a better day
than yesterday
poor Tuesday
with its heart broken
the dog gone
the sun shining like nostalgia

the cup smashed
but it was empty after Monday’s hard
in the morning

by Dan Cuddy

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Editor’s NoteLanguage poetry has a long and storied history of adherents and haters. This poem transcends that particular argument because of the strength of the closing stanza.