From the archives – Imagine: You Are Here — Guy Kettelhack

Imagine: You Are Here

How many breeding bleeding layers
are there in this city’s skin?—
some operative—some discarded

and unpardonable: this half-moribund,
half-breathing porous mesh
of spin and sin and blunt intransigence

and subtle residue—this vast organic
stew which seeps into your thought
and flesh to underscore its intimate

hegemony—its power over you—
in all its multifariously kinky funky
sweat—its threat to all complacency—

this godless naked kickass punk of soul
who struts in refutation of the least
idea that any sweet simplicity could

ever constitute the whole: this thing
that richly rhymes with muck and suck.
Imagine: you are here. What luck!

from Autumn Sky Poetry 15 — by Guy Kettelhack

Art by Guy Kettelhack

From the archives – Carnations — Guy Kettelhack


And now into the viscous dark –
that blacker than imaginable heart
of things – I go to undergo new throes

of recollection – transformation. My
mother loved carnations – their peculiar
sweet timidity – I remember their

strange scent and hold on her and
on the hollow casket (she was nowhere
to be found in it) where they bestowed

their blushing and their bloom: riding
off the sides, they filled the room
with dissonance and odd perfume.

Three years ago, approximately
today, she started sliding on
the way to die the first week in July.

And now against the viscous dark –
that blacker than imaginable heart
of my unknowing – I imagine pink arising –

growing: redolently weird – its power
blasts the past and future into now –
enigmatic blossom of eternity: her flower.

from Autumn Sky Poetry 2 — by Guy Kettelhack

Video by Kuan-ming Su