Sonnet by Those Who Stay Behind by Betsy K. Brown

Sonnet by Those Who Stay Behind

I’ll see you again in many days, or a few.
Just leave your echo here within these walls
To wait in corners with your old footballs
And piles of papers, artifacts of you,
Reminding those remaining what is true
Behind the curtain every time it falls:
Choirs wait in quietness, till the calls
Of trumpets reunite them at their cue.
Till, then, dear friend, I ask you, leave your echo
For me to gather up while you are gone,
Like wildflowers, or penny after penny
Into a jar of moments I won’t let go
Of till again you fill this room with song.
I’ll see you again in a few days, or many.

by Betsy K. Brown

Editor’s Note: The repetition in this lovely sonnet adds a mournful musicality to the sorrow of the speaker.


2 responses to “Sonnet by Those Who Stay Behind by Betsy K. Brown”

  1. richardsund Avatar

    A beautiful poem ! Wonderful !”

  2. Ramzi Rihani Avatar
    Ramzi Rihani

    Great poem. I love the juxtaposition between the curtain that falls and the duality of music, choir, echo, and trumpet. Wonderful impression of the wait to see the departed.

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