Another Love Story by Aden Thomas

Another Love Story

We navigate our waterways
without instruments.
We reach through a ceiling unattached to stars.
We blind ourselves willingly
to hear the old stories
of a bearded mariner
who clings to his driftwood
no matter the raging sea.
We save him from drowning
a hundred times or more.

We should know better.
His paper heart gets waterlogged.
The weight of his blood is too much
to carry. Once his veins
leak all over the floor,
it’s best to push him overboard
and leave him to the sharks.
They’ve been trailing in the water
as if they’ll never leave
until they’ve torn something to pieces.

by Aden Thomas

Editor’s Note: Allegory is applied to love, and not surprisingly, sharks appear near the end of the tragedy. Romance is not for the faint of heart.

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