From the archives – The Acrobats by Mary Meriam

The Acrobats

I spend my solo life in windy spaces,
way up above the throng, no safety net
below, exposed to row on row of faces
fixed on the acrobats in silhouette.
I’ll fall with one misstep or if the wire
splits or my fingers slip. I climb the rungs,
trembling, trembling. Rising higher, higher,
I cough out all the fumbles in my lungs,
and here’s my tiny platform, just a disk
that fits my feet. From here, I leap and swing
into the flashing lights, familiar with the risk
by now, but shocked to see you stand and fling
yourself from your own platform over there
and catch me from your swing through the thin air.

from Autumn Sky Poetry DAILY, December 4, 2015 — by Mary Meriam

artist Emily Nicole Tucker

One thought on “From the archives – The Acrobats by Mary Meriam

  1. Thanks for the wonderful acrobat sonnet by Mary Meriam. It has overtones of the Ferlinghetti poem “Constantly risking absurdity / and death” but is not derivative, and while Ferlinghetti swings his lines across the page, the sonnet form also has relevance to the control and pursuit of beauty of the acrobat – and poet.

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