Appalachian Come Inside by Charles Carr

Appalachian Come Inside

Morning ends
like a last bite
of apple,
fifty degrees
but who’s counting,
January and coffee
strong enough to hold
my own turns sixty-one,
I would click my heels
if not for their knees.
A tall hickory pitches
a bird at the sky,
noon is a high fly ball,
The New River is quiet
the air so clean it splashes
the city from my face
and I want to say thank you
but the sun is already
an arm of you’re welcome
around my shoulder.

by Charles Carr

Twitter: @selfrisinmojo

Editor’s Note: Stellar imagery imbues this poem with narrative force, until the last line sighs gently into place.


4 responses to “Appalachian Come Inside by Charles Carr”

  1. jvoor Avatar


  2. Siham Karami Avatar

    Just perfectly pitched.

  3. D. E. Kern Avatar

    This is a beautiful poem, and the enjambment lends it a rhythm that asks you to dive back into it again.

  4. kerny44cuse Avatar

    Wonderful poem. The enjambment lends it a rhythm that begs one to dive back in for more.

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