Sometimes It Takes a Storm by Siham Karami

Sometimes It Takes a Storm

When life comes in, it comes in as a threat:
Sally’s packing threatening winds and rain.
More needles poke your body to reset.

As you resist, your hands in mitts must sweat
their trap, like riding out a hurricane
or life, which often comes in as a threat,

a gas-masked doctor whom you’ve never met
who pulls you from the jaws of death and brain
gone haywire, more IV’s to poke, reset

the liver, kidneys, heart, the rough roulette
of day-to-day recovery. Come, let’s drain
from your incoming life what stops its threat:

the dams and sandbags ease would build, its bet
that death’s cool comfort lures to its domain
your needles poking out, your body set

on dear survival. No time to regret
the house burned down, the flooded fields, the pain.
When life comes in, it comes in as a threat:
a needle torrent pokes death—>NO! Reset.

by Siham Karami


Editor’s Note: Some verse fits so perfectly into current events that the small, structural metaphor it contains grows beyond the confines of the lines. This villanelle is one of those.


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