Weather Experts: An acrostic sonnet by Mike Mesterton-Gibbons

Weather Experts: An acrostic sonnet

What makes our weather experts on TV
Express such joy the moment that they learn
A monster storm is forming out at sea?
The damage it might do evades concern!
How many times I’ve watched a coming storm
Extolled for having reached an awesome size!
Rotations are impressive if they form
Enormous whirls of peril in my skies!
X marks the spot of trouble they admire:
Perfection in the sharpness of an eye
Encircled by a vast expanding gyre …
Reporting danger makes them rapt——but why?
The experts who’ve let poets lie unread
See poetry in hurricanes instead!

by Mike Mesterton-Gibbons

Editor’s Note: It seems I’m alternating grim poems with light verse this week, but how can I resist when a gem like this lands in my inbox? I’ve always loved weather and poetry.


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  1. heyannis Avatar

    This was fun. Thank you.

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