Moving by Gail White


How difficult it is to move
even from simple place to place,
how hard to pack the books, to shove
the cat into its carrying case;

how hard to sit in Airport-land
through one more endless flight delay
while Trebizond or Samarkand
sits half a universe away;

how hard to get the papers filed
that separate you from your past,
newly and legally enisled,

and yet, and yet my father’s last
great journey out of self to shade—
how easily and quickly made.

by Gail White, first published in Measure

Editor’s note: Sonnets often say the hardest things with the most ease.


3 responses to “Moving by Gail White”

  1. Barbara Loots Avatar

    More Gail White, please!

  2. heyannis Avatar

    Aside from being a good poem and liking the message, this poem taught me a new word (enisled) and clearly showed me a clearly recognized sonnet. Thank you.

  3. Susan McLean Avatar
    Susan McLean

    Wondrful poem!

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