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Some Facts You Should Know About The Love Of Music by Christine Potter

Some Facts You Should Know About The Love Of Music

Johann Sebastian Bach had a street brawl with a student
whose bassoon he’d insulted and who was therefore trying

to brain him with a stick. Tchaikovsky and Saint Saëns liked
impersonating ballerinas together. Bach was carrying a knife.

Tchaikovsky was almost certainly gay, and Saint Saëns, too.
The student’s clothing was shredded before his friends

pulled Bach off him. Tchaikovsky’s wife would never have
comprehended the words describing homosexuality. A 20th

century composer of organ music named Richard Purvis
wrote an arrangement of “Greensleeves” in a fox hole, under

live fire, during World War II. Saint Saëns eventually left
his wife. Tchaikovsky did, too. Richard Purvis led the first

military band through liberated Paris after his rescue from
a German POW camp. His “Greensleeves” sounds like the

whole world’s broken heart, trying to bear up. A grave robber
dug up Haydn’s skull. It was replaced with someone else’s

but later found. Now there are two. The judge let Bach’s
student go and cautioned Bach to be more likable. Music

is the last thing to leave anyone with dementia. Bach and
Handel were blinded by the same inept surgeon. My own

mother, before her diagnosis of terminal kidney disease, sat
in her doctor’s office, singing “Flat Foot Floozy,” out loud.

by Christine Potter

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/christine.potter.543
Amazon Author Page: https://www.amazon.com/Christine-Potter/e/B001K7URHS/

Editor’s Note: This poem opens with a deceptively simple list of facts about musicians, but soon the repetition begins to press inward, and suddenly the “whole world’s broken heart” appears mid-poem, with such startling clarity, that the emotional refrain echoes long after the last line.


5 responses to “Some Facts You Should Know About The Love Of Music by Christine Potter”

  1. Irena Pasvinter Avatar

    I love this poem. I was initially attracted by the title. As I kept reading, the list of facsinating bits of trivia turned into moving poetry. Well done!

    1. chrispygal Avatar

      Thank you so much, Irena!

  2. shelbytrees Avatar

    Nice poem, Christine.
    P*l*e*a*s*e fix: “Haydn” is the right spelling.

  3. Emma M McCoy Avatar
    Emma M McCoy

    such a beautiful poem! I love the way you’ve set up your sentences and line breaks

  4. Mitchell Geller Avatar
    Mitchell Geller

    This is wonderful: clever, moving, and compassionate. Thank you.

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