When Noise Annoys by Kevin Ahern

When Noise Annoys

A pesky mouse
Inside the house
Resides within my wall

It bumps all night
When out of sight
And rumbles down the hall

I’d like to trap
This noisy chap
He’s one enormous louse

Yes, I’ll be pleased
When I have seized
That hippopotamouse

by Kevin Ahern

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Twitter: @ahernk1

Editor’s note: Here’s an extra poem this week, because we can all use a good dose of levity once in a while.


3 responses to “When Noise Annoys by Kevin Ahern”

  1. Dave Williams Avatar
    Dave Williams

    Brevity is good for levity; nice spry rhyme scheme too.

  2. Ron. Avatar


  3. 2mybox Avatar

    Funny poem! Today’s poetry need more humor. This poem has got it.

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