From the archives – People’s Movement 2006 April 4 by Mukul Dahal

People’s Movement 2006 April 4

He bought new, harsh
and fierce boots to
limit the movement
of the sterns strolling about the garden.
He hanged a clumsy ball
of iron in the legs of purple gullinule
to strip it off its nature.
He dangled a bulky nose ring
to fetter the graceful
struts of the Himalayan lophophorus.
He wore the boots
that mimicked death’s
nails and claws.
He sent winter
to love’s courtyard.
He fuelled
the agitation
of his own mind.
But all the things
that he did
turned to him
and began to
pull his root to
wipe him out of
the flower’s home.
Then he kneeled down
and swore he had intruded
into their soul
and their lives.

by Mukul Dahal

from Autumn Sky Poetry Number 2, September 2006

photo by Christine Klocek-Lim

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