From the archives – To Love Like That — Lucie M. Winborne

To Love Like That

At the shore
two birds were locked
in love

or mortal combat

When the child between my knees

demanded why they danced

As if she knew the current
carrying them

was not the wind from which
she sheltered,

And I saw for a moment
the unspent span that lay
before her

like the sand our toes
had not yet touched

Until a wave, breaking,
heaved up a shell

which I held to her ear, saying

For she might as well have asked me
why the sea is salt

as to define a force
like the tide that hurled
this empty life-house to her feet,

pink and broken,

its owner long eaten
or simply outgrown

like the self she will shed
when the swell overtakes her —

God willing she should love like that.

by Lucie M. Winborne

from Autumn Sky Poetry Number 20, January 2011

Photo by Christine Klocek-Lim


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