When, For a Moment, I Grow Weary by Greg Watson

When, For a Moment, I Grow Weary

When, for a moment, I grow weary
from the endless news reports of bombs
dropping from bleak winter skies
and the faceless tanks nudging their way
through streets clogged with rubble,
I turn my mind instead back to that little girl
cradling her ragged doll at her side, there
in the long silence of the subway tunnel
that for tonight has become her bed.
I want to tell her that everything will be alright,
even if that is another bedtime fable,
to sing to her gently, in her own language,
as I would to my own child, who sleeps
at this moment in a warm tangle of sheets,
mouth agape, dreaming, I imagine,
of flight, and of saving this broken world.
I have not yet found the perfect words
or melody to make this promise happen,
cannot quite decipher my own voice
through a distance as great as this,
this lullaby merely a litany of questions
turning endlessly back upon itself.
Is the lesson simply that we learn no lessons,
that the old names must soon be worn
smooth to make way for the new?
Still, I continue, offering the only comfort
I can summon, the stubborn light of
one still standing, unable to turn away.

by Greg Watson

Editor’s Note: War’s human face is inevitably sorrowful.

Photograph by Christine Klocek-Lim


4 responses to “When, For a Moment, I Grow Weary by Greg Watson”

  1. Michelle Meyer Avatar

    “…that the old names must soon be worn
    smooth to make way for the new?”

    So beautiful.

  2. Dave Williams Avatar

    The potent comparison in the first part of the poem finds a powerful conclusion with the question/answer in the last 6 lines.

  3. richardsund Avatar

    A touching poem that evoked murderous anger in me with gentle words. I am personally sickened by the tepid, weak response if this USA, and the also feeble NATO ” friends” of the Ukraine, who keep ” praying” while little children die. When will human beings learn that terror must rain upon monsters ? Mother Russia, you must be so ashamed !

  4. Francine Mommamia Avatar

    I love this!!

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