Spring in the Clearing by Shannon Lodoen

Spring in the Clearing

Beneath a brooding sky, behold:
In the clearing, Spring unfolds!

The mighty clouds send forth their ranks
Overflowing streams and banks

The sapling trees with greening shoots
Sag with waterlogged roots

The curling ferns unfurl their heads
Rising from their earthen beds

The buttercups thrust forth their blooms
Revived again from winter tombs

The rabbits in the dew-dropped grass
Shudder as the foxes pass

The newborn bluebirds spread their wings
Crying while their mother sings

The spider spins its dainty thread
To shroud the bodies of the dead

These living links, this fragile chain:
All signs that Spring has come again.

by Shannon Lodoen

Editor’s Note: Every once in a while we need a sweet, gentle poem to ring in the season.

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