Yard Sale by Devon Balwit

Yard Sale

Day one was an honest mistake. Eight hours
selling junk unearthed from the basement,
and I never thought to market my verse—

my hard-won collections surely of a different
sort than ugly sweaters and old records.
And people were buying—neighbors and strangers went

home satisfied. Day two, I made sign boards:
Got poetry? Support a local artist.
I prettified a basket and set it out towards

the street. The covers were nice, the titles suggestive.
You can guess how the story ends. Two sales.
True, it was Sunday. Fewer people passed.

In my hope, I had forgotten what’s proven the rule:
poetry is mostly for the poet—that lonely fool.

by Devon Balwit

Editor’s Note: This poem’s slant rhyme lulls the reader into thinking that the perhaps the speaker isn’t sonnetizing at all, but then the last two lines fool everyone back into reality.


2 responses to “Yard Sale by Devon Balwit”

  1. Thomas DeFreitas Avatar

    The ease and subtlety of the rhymes, the formal resolution so accomplished as to seem casual, almost accidental, in no way impeding the fluency of the language. A joy.

  2. richardsund Avatar

    I know very little formally about poetry, but this is ( poems are eternal so present tense ) ,beautiful and transcends its topic with a most touching ending. I don’t know much about rhyming nor even how to spell it, but I could feel the beautiful flow of true poetry. And my heart lets me know what my brain lacks.

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